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Hasbro Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 Toy Blaster

The minigun you saw in Terminator 2 and Predator is now available as one of the Nerf blasters. This huge blaster, actually 90 cm long, is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Titan CS-50 blaster.

A bright, powerful, and intimidating blaster, fully automated for fast fire, boasts a large drum with 50 arrows. The Titan light machine gun is capable of unleashing a flurry of arrows on the enemy. It is enough to start the engine and pull the trigger.

Of course, you can replace the original blaster drum with three, more compact 18-arrow magazines or any standard Nerf clip. But if you really want a giant drum, we can say with confidence – it’s reliable and works great!

The blaster is wide and heavy, which is why a strap is included. This machine gun was designed for hip shooting.


Fully automated blaster machine with a huge elliptical drum for 50 arrows
The bottom of the drum is protected by a plastic bumper
Today, the drum is the largest clip of the Nerf
The button that releases the unique Titan drum is located on the right side of the blaster, just above the drum
It has a long, cylindrical barrel. The barrel rotates as the blaster flywheel accelerates
The battery compartment is located at the back. Accessing it from the right side of the blaster
Main characteristics:

Age: 8+
Package size: 10.5 x 94 x 39.5 cm
Package weight: 3.9kg
1 tactical bar
2 strap attachment points (one above the barrel, the other in the handle)
Requires 4 type D batteries (not included).

50 arrows
Drum for 50 arrows




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