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Edu Play Baby Swing

• Brand: Edu Play
• Swinging is more than just a fun activity for kids
• Swinging helps with the development of perceptual skills, spatial awareness, and both gross and fine motor skills.
• The Edu-Play 3-in-1 Infant-to-Toddler-to-Child Swing is the perfect choice for your baby’s first swing because it grows with your child.
• Unlike most other convertible outdoor swings, the Edu-Play can be used through three stages of child development: – Infant Swing – for ages 6 months (or once baby can sit and has stable head control) to 3 years – Toddler Swing – for ages 3 to 5 years – Child Swing – for ages 5 to 7 years (up to 66 pounds)
• A key benefit of the Edu-Play Swing over the competition is the unique design of the triangular handles. Patented by the European Patent Office, the Edu-Play Swing’s design ensures that the ropes stay taut without bending or kinking, making the swing more secure. Everything you need to assemble and install the Edu-Play swing is included. It can be hung from a sturdy branch or attached to a swing set. When used as an infant swing, the seat can be adjusted at an incline to better support your baby.



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