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Dolu Toddler Blocks 5025

• Brand: Dolu
• Age: 2+
• Material: Plastic
• Color: Multicolor
• Gender: Unisex
• Product Dimensions: 60 X 42,5 X 30 cm
• Weight: 2Kg
• There are 50 pieces of blocks of different colors and sizes, in a box.
• Supports intelligence development and enables children’s imagination and creativity to develop
• 50 pieces in different colors and sizes are in a block box. It supports the development of intelligence and enables the development of children’s imaginations and creativity.
• Dolu blocks road and block set has a very fun time for your little one. There are a total of 50 pieces of blocks in different colors and sizes. This set especially supports a child to develop both intelligence development and dexterity. This set helps children to develop their imagination and creativity. This block road and block set is easy to assemble and install. This set is made of high quality and durable material.



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