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Canbebe Jumbo New Born No. 1 2-5 KG 84-Pack

  • Each pack of Canbebe Jumbo newborn pampers in No.1 contains a total of 84 pieces
  • The Canbebe Jumbo Newborn pampers in No. 1 are meant for use on newborn babies or babies that weigh around 2 to 5 kg only
  • Canbebe Jumbo newborn No.1 pampers make use of Canbebe’s Flexfit technology which makes these pampers 21% more absorbent
  • To prevent leaks, these pamper also have a front and back-barrier lock that can reduce the chances of pamper leakage
  • The pampers are designed to be free of parabens and fragrances, which can irritate the sensitive skin of newborns




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